NEC Corporation, a Japan-based provider of IT and communications network systems, has selected Keysight Technologies‘ scalable and cloud-native 5G core (5GC) network test solution, LoadCore, to validate the user plane function (UPF) in their 5GC platform.

Keysight’s 5G test tools enable NEC to accelerate development and implementation of 5GC platforms that support 5G new radio (NR) in non-standalone (NSA) or standalone (SA) mode.

Keysight’s LoadCore 5GC network test solution enables NEC to perform network capacity tests, measure device data throughput and model a wide variety of complex end-user behavior and traffic mobility scenarios. Next generation communications, based on 5G NR technology, uses wider bandwidths to manage higher data throughput and traffic flows compared to 4G LTE.

LoadCore allows NEC to efficiently optimize performance testing of user plane functions deployed in 5G NR networks.

LoadCore’s intuitive graphical user interface enabled NEC to quickly build specific models for validating dynamic end-user behavior in accordance with 3GPP standards specifications.

The solution includes a powerful test engine that supports multiple topologies, including the simulation of any node within a 5GC architecture. NEC used LoadCore’s test engine to validate that the UPF in their 5GC platform can support data throughput speeds of 100 Gbps.

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