Netlify has acquired FeaturePeek – a Y Combinator and Matrix Partners-backed startup that enables developer teams to preview frontend content. Through this acquisition, Netlify has added FeaturePeek’s developer collaboration product as a core capability in the next generation of Netlify Deploy Previews.

Deploy Previews, now available, make it easy for developers to gather feedback with their web teams, including internal and external business stakeholders, product managers, designers and marketers. Teams share URLs to review a preview of the website or web application and can leave contextual feedback directly on a UI that overlays the site. All feedback is synced in the pull request or productivity tool of choice.

Deploy Previews have been a popular feature of the Netlify workflow, doubling over the last year with users sharing previews millions of times each month. All of this is powered by Netlify and the Jamstack, the architecture designed to make the web faster and more dynamic with a better development experience.

FeaturePeek was founded in 2019 by Eric Silverman and Jason Barry, with investors including Y Combinator (YC) and Matrix Partners. In addition to acquiring the technology, the FeaturePeek team has joined Netlify. With FeaturePeek now delivered in Netlify, FeaturePeek users can move to any of Netlify’s plans to take advantage of collaborative Deploy Previews.

Collaborative Deploy Previews are now available on all Netlify plans.

Additionally, Netlify now offers a free user role for Reviewers. Regardless of what Netlify plan a team is using, they can invite an unlimited number of Reviewers to collaborate on Deploy Previews.

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