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Netlify Adds New Team Governance Features And Jira Integration


Netlify has come up with an Enterprise Grid plan to enable consistent workflows and governance for organizations with multiple projects and development teams while giving each team the autonomy to choose their favorite tools. The company added a new integration with Jira to accelerate feedback on web projects, and Netlify Enterprise is now available for purchase via the AWS Marketplace.

These new features arrive at the same time Netlify crossed the significant milestone of more than 2,000,000 developers joining the platform.

The new platform capabilities and integrations help enterprises go to market faster and deliver optimal customer experiences with the confidence of enhanced security and control across their web projects.

Now organization owners can view and manage every Netlify web project across the business from a single, consolidated console. Developer admins monitor usage, manage business unit-level billing and invoicing, set team permissions, and more. Dedicated instances of Netlify High-Performance Edge and High-Performance Build are available per project to ensure the fastest web experiences.

Moreover, Netlify Deploy Previews enable development teams to share, review and manage feedback on web projects. Now this feedback can flow through directly to Jira. Other integrations include GitHub, GitLab (SaaS and self-hosted instances), Linear, Shortcut and Trello.

Now available in the AWS Marketplace, Netlify can be part of a single cloud bill in AWS. Businesses get convenient procurement using their company’s defined processes through the marketplace.

These new features add to Netlify’s capabilities to make it the ideal Jamstack platform for modernizing web experiences.

As the platform of choice for modern Jamstack architecture, Netlify doubled developer sign-ups in the last year and has already built a network of hundreds of agency and technology partners. As a result, development teams building web experiences on Netlify can choose the tools that are right for every project and grow knowledge with one of the largest modern development communities.

Enterprises like Shopify, Twilio and Unilever are selecting Netlify to run their next-generation web experiences. To support this growth, Netlify recently added key executive team members focused on driving innovation, execution and scale.

  • Marcus Bragg, chief operating officer: Bragg has more than 20 years of experience, previously holding executive leadership roles at AlienVault (acquired by AT&T Business), Zendesk (ZEN) and RightNow Technologies (previously RNOW and acquired by Oracle). As COO, Bragg will leverage his experience in integrated enterprise and product lead growth motions while enabling organizational alignment to accelerate growth.
  • Dana Lawson, senior vice president of engineering: With former engineering leadership roles at GitHub, Heptio and New Relic, Lawson is uniquely qualified to drive the delivery of new Netlify products and integrations for the modern web that developers love.
  • Akram Hassan, vice president of product: As a former product leader at Uber, Dell EMC and Microsoft Azure, Hassan is now focused on Netlify’s product vision and delivering security, performance and an exceptional developer experience, while enabling the vast partner ecosystem to build integrations on Netlify.