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Netlify Build Plugins Automate Developer Workflows


Netlify has announced the general availability of Netlify Build Plugins — tools to easily customize and automate CI/CD workflows for Jamstack websites and web applications.

Previously, developers had to set up changes or integrations to the build process from scratch, configuring every command to run at build, downloading and validating every dependency, and writing the code to make it all work. Now any developer can simply choose an available Build Plugin, click “install” from the Netlify UI, and then select sites where the plugin should be enabled.

If a Build Plugin is not currently available, any developer can follow a simple, well-documented process to create a new one and share it with the community of over 900,000 Netlify developers. The result is that developers no longer have to spend time on one-off CI integrations and can focus on building new web experiences.

“Netlify Build Plugins are our way of extending our build infrastructure to more developers. They can take advantage of building on Netlify’s trusted, framework-agnostic Jamstack platform, meanwhile get the benefits of using a growing ecosystem of partner-led tooling as well as have the flexibility to bring in their favorite tools and frameworks,” said Mathias Biilmann, CEO, Netlify.

Netlify Build Plugins means a CI/CD workflow designed for frontend developers: simply connect Netlify to a git repo and every time a developer pushes a commit it will automatically build the site, run installed Build Plugins, and then deploy globally.

Also, every Build Plugin available through the Netlify UI is reviewed by the Netlify team so developers can be confident using it in their environment.

Developers have the option to bring their favorite tools by adding custom plugins to the catalog and make them shareable within their teams or with the open source community.

Build Plugins are available for free to use with every Netlify plan.