Netlify has announced a new enterprise technology partner directory showcasing software vendors that integrate with Netlify to unlock advanced use cases on the Jamstack.

With partner solutions, including Build Plugins and integrations, enterprise developers can build advanced web applications on the Jamstack.

Launch partners include Algolia, Auth0, Contentful, GraphCMS, Kentico Kontent, Magnolia CMS, Prismic, Sentry, Snyk, Storyblok and Uniform.

Together with partners, customers can access new capabilities that help them unlock dynamic use cases for what they can build on the Jamstack.

Netlify is partnering with software vendors to solve the following areas for customers: content management, database and backend, e-commerce and payments, identity and authentication, search and discovery, and security and monitoring.

Netlify offers integration points for all JavaScript frameworks, static site generators, headless CMS providers, e-commerce providers and API services in its seamless developer workflow.

Netlify Build Plugins, tools to easily customize and automate CI/CD workflows for Jamstack websites and web applications, and API integrations make it easy for developers to add capabilities to their CI/CD pipelines and production sites, all from the Netlify UI.

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