New IDC Analyst Brief Addresses How SRE Principles, SLOs Solve Common IT Challenges


Nobl9 has announced the availability of a new IDC Analyst Brief, titled SRE Blueprint: Creating and Fulfilling SLOs for Optimized Business Outcomes.

The IDC Analyst Brief, sponsored by Nobl9, addresses how SRE principles and SLOs solve common IT challenges and how businesses can use SRE principles and SLOs to optimize business outcomes.

The IDC Analyst Brief is written by IDC analyst Stephen Elliot, program vice president, DevOps and I&O.

Reliable delivery of digital services has a direct impact on revenue growth and business stability, and business executives are increasingly realizing this, according to Elliot.

In his brief, Elliot notes that “SRE and SLOs are increasingly the secret weapons in driving great user experience and loyalty.”

Elliot also describes a common 7-step process organizations are using to put SLOs in place.

SRE Blueprint: Delivering and Creating SLOs for Revenue Risk Management is the latest asset in Nobl9’s expanding Free SLO, SRE Resource Library.

The library—accessible without signup—features a variety of educational resources designed to help both technical and business audiences understand how to design and implement smart SLOs—customer-centric goals that define expectations between the stakeholders of service.

The IDC Analyst Brief is available for complimentary download from Nobl9.