Press Release: New Open Source M5 Stack STEM Dev Board encourages college students and researches to carry out ambitious IoT experiments

M5 Stack recently launched a development board designed for IoT Education. It helps labs to teach developers to carry out experiments and research. Until now there hasn’t been a similar product on the market offering all the learning possibilities of M5Stacks Dev Board.

The dev board is a combination of all of their previous top ranked products. It’s fully open sourced and entirely compatible with other related products, making it the “holy grail“ for Iot development by opening up endless possibilities.

M5Stack doesn’t follow, and that was clear from their first product on. They’re committed to their mission of opening the world of IoT to the future generation of makers and encouraging innovation.

The new product is aimed at seasoned students and researchers that already have some coding background, in order to understand the principles and basic functioning schemes. For those that are hungry to test and discover new IoT products, this development board offers it all. It’s perfect for B2B platforms that are looking for heavy duty IoT development boards, in the “all in one” format.

M5Stack believes in building the next generation of IoT developers. To make it more tangible, they went all in by creating an IoT Lab, in a college in Chinas Anhui province. All the hardware and software, including a training platform and robotic vehicles were supplied by M5Stack.

M5Stack is also developing a channel to regularly provide STEM related videos. The channel will offer inspiration, education and guidance to the young generation of IoT developers so they can have a full circle support system, from software to hardware. They aim to become a reliable source to count on when makers get stuck or need guidance.

Armed with M5’s new development board, makers can bring to life their most ambitious projects.

It will allow them to create smart devices that will make our lives easier, add convenience, save energy, make our homes and offices more efficient and improve our quality of life. Somewhere, a bright developer has already in mind the next big thing in IoT, and only waiting for the right tool to build it, test it and bring it into the world.
M5Stack encourages makes worldwide to try their development Board, and see where their imagination takes them.

The Development board can be purchased on M5stacks for $109USD.

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