Nextcloud 17 is now available with a number of security features including remote wipe, a collaborative text editor and significant updates to secure view like enforcable watermarks based on tags, groups and more.

Remote wipe is one of the most exciting features in the updated version of Nextcloud, the open source self-hosted cloud storage solution. It makes it possible to clean data from stolen or misplaced devices, useful for devices not under control of IT like those of guest users, students at universities or at small businesses.

Another feature called Nextcloud Text (a light-weight, distraction-free text editor) makes editing rich text files alone or with others easy. It uses markdown as primary format but also deals with various other text formats including syntax highlighting for code and fully supports the Nextcloud sidebar, giving direct access to sharing, chat, video calls, versioning and more.

With advanced new watermarking features, administrators will now be able to define tags or designate certain settings as in need of watermarking. Examples include documents which have been prohibited from downloading, all public links, all shares to guest users or any file shared with a spefic group. This feature is available for both ONLYOFFICE and Collabora Online.

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