Canonical, Collabora and Nextcloud have joined forces to announce the availability of a content collaboration platform for 64bit ARM for both consumers and enterprises.

Building on the prior Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance and with Collabora Online, it adds the viable self-hosted web office solution on the popular Raspberry Pi 4 platform.

With the introduction of the Ubuntu Nextcloud Appliance, easy deployment of the Nextcloud Hub became available for x86 devices like Intel NUC’s as well as ARM devices like the Raspberry Pi, but the latter lacked support for a viable online office document editor.

The lack of a viable office solution is now resolved with the availability of the widely used, open source, web office document editor Collabora Online.

The Ubuntu Nextcloud Appliance comes with the Collabora Online built-in server. This makes getting started easy.

Check out full tutorial on the Ubuntu website for installing the Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance image on a Raspberry Pi.

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