A trial version is now available for users looking to manage the entire life cycle – from deployment, validation to ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting.

NGINX, the company behind the open source web server with the same name, has launched the NGINX Controller as part of the NGINX Application Platform. With the availability of Controller, users can now easily manage multiple NGINX Plus servers across a multi-cloud environment.

The NGINX Application Platform is a suite of products that together form the core of what organizations need to create applications with performance, security, and scale. “It includes NGINX Plus for load balancing and application delivery, the NGINX WAF for security, and NGINX Unit to run the application code, all monitored and managed by the NGINX Controller,” the company told exclusively to TFiR.

Controller provides centralized analytics, control, and policy for the Application Platform. According to the company, users can now access an intuitive, wizard-style interface to create new instances of NGINX Plus and centrally configure features such as load balancing, URL routing, and SSL termination.

With its rich monitoring and alerting capabilities, Controller ensures application availability, performance, and reliability. It also provides deep visibility into key NGINX Plus metrics and preemptive recommendations based on best practices. And the end result is Infrastructure & Operations and DevOps teams are able to avoid performance issues in the first place and troubleshoot any issues that may arise faster.

“Think of Controller as mission control for your critical applications. It provides a single, centralized pane of glass to deploy, validate, and troubleshoot NGINX Plus, one of the world’s most widely deployed application delivery technologies,” Sidney Rabsatt, Vice President of Product Management at NGINX said.

“Prior to Controller, customers built their own custom tooling to manage and monitor. This introduced a layer of complexity that Controller now solves, as an easy-to-use tool optimized for NGINX. It will save time, reduce complexity, and lower the cost of supporting customer-facing applications,” he added.

To sum it up, here’s what the NGINX Controller has in store for you:

  • Management at scale – Easily configures and monitors multiple NGINX Plus instances using a centralized management interface.
  • Visibility – Gains deep insights into 200 performance metrics for all your NGINX Plus instances and underlying Systems (OS).
  • Control – Meets your SLAs, avoid performance issues, and troubleshoot faster by following best practices.
  • Agility – Enables application teams to deploy new applications faster by developing environment-specific policies.
  • Multi-cloud support – Deploys NGINX Controller on any public or private cloud to manage NGINX Plus instances operating across a multi-cloud environment.

Note: Swapnil Bhartiya contributed to this story.

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