Nimbella is an enterprise-grade stateful serverless platform that can be deployed on any cloud to support multi-cloud or private-cloud strategy.

The primary promise of serverless is to relieve the developer from all infrastructure burns, so the developer can squarely focus on adding business value. But all the serverless platforms operated by public clouds today are geared towards stateless workloads, where there is no transient state saved. This means developers are back to managing state, and essentially, infrastructure. The promise of serverless is lost. Nimbella is trying to solve this by leveraging open source technologies like Apache OpenWhisk. We sat down with Anshu Agarwal, CEO & Co-founder of Nimbella, to talk about the company and how it’s helping developers reap the benefits of serverless technologies.

Here are some of the topics we covered in this discussion:

  • The story and history of the company.
  • What kind of technology stack powers the Nimbella platform?
  • How flexible is the platform to allow users to integrate their own tools and technologies with it?
  • Cloud native computing is a crowded space. How does Nimbella differentiate itself from other players?
  • What impact Nimbella has on the build and deploy process?
  • What challenges are still there for the serverless community?
  • Some of the exciting use cases of Nimbella
  • How can one get started with Nimbella?

You can get started with the Nimbella platform for free. Check it out here.

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