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Software is eating the world, which is a good thing. We no longer have torely on hardware for additional functionality or performance enhancements, it can be done at the software level.

It’s often seen as a good thing, which is boosting the adoption of open source methodologies. As Jim Zemlin, the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation puts it, there is so much code to be written that no single entity can do it alone, which has created an environment for collaboration and open source. Each company does a little bit and collectively they end up creating massive projects like the Linux kernel.

However, one flip side of the software revolution is that people are creating way too many frameworks, they are writing too much code. In most cases, none of it is needed.

Kelsey Hightower, one of the leading faces of the cloud-native revolution, highlights this problem with his ‘no code’ project. He started a GitHub repository for no-code where he explicitly asked people not to contribute, but it soon became one of the most popular projects with thousands of pull requests and commits.

That was his goal, to show the irony of software development and marketing. “It’s a joke against how people market things,” said Hightower, “Some things do nothing at all, but the way you market it makes it sound good.”

Check out the whole discussion on YouTube.

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