Nobl9, Lightstep To Integrate Distributed Tracing Technology Into SLO Platform

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Nobl9 and Lightstep has announced an integration partnership in which the two companies will add support for the Lightstep core distributed tracing technology to Nobl9’s SLO platform.

The joint development effort is aimed at helping engineers use real-time distributed data to design better SLOs and monitor software performance for better end-user experiences.

Using distributed tracing data as an input to the SLO process gives application developers and operators the ability to construct SLOs that reflect service dependencies and validate them with live telemetry from the application.

The Nobl9 platform is presently in private beta. It democratizes the process of managing SLOs so that engineers can make objective reliability decisions based on data, not conjecture or organizational folklore.

When SLOs are at risk, Lightstep provides explanations of what has changed to help engineers get things back on track.

The integration will be made available to participants in the private beta program for the Nobl9 SLO platform.