Microsoft recently announced plans to abandon its EdgeHTML and embrace Google’s Chromium open source project for the development of desktop version of its Edge browser. Going a step further, the software company has now created a sign-up page to let you become an Edge Insider.

What this means is that by registering yourself as a beta tester today, you will able to receive the preview build of the new browser (likely to be launched in early 2019). Microsoft expects beta testers to help it improve Microsoft Edge before finalizing it.

“Microsoft is changing the rendering engine of their Edge browser from EdgeHTML to Google’s Chromium, which is expected to bring a variety of benefits, including improved compatibility with websites, easier support for developers and support for Google’s Chrome plugins,” the company said in a post.

The company earlier said that it has started making contributions to the Chromium project “to help move browsing forward on new ARM-based Windows devices.”

Microsoft is also seeking support from the open source community to enable it to shape the future of Edge. “If you’re part of the open-source community developing browsers, we invite you to collaborate with us as we build the future of Microsoft Edge and contribute to the Chromium project,” The Verge quoted Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the Essential Products Group, Joe Belfiore as saying.

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