Univention, an IT infrastructure and identity management company, has come up with an attractive distribution channel for software manufacturers. They can now sell their solutions directly online via the Univention App Center.

According to the company, the Univention App Center is a central component of the ID management solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and makes the installation of cloud and enterprise applications almost as easy as the installation of smartphone apps. In addition to providing the software, Univention also handles the entire billing management.

The App Center already offers ownCloud, Nextcloud, Bareos, Collabora, Kopano, KIX, OpenProject and other solutions.

Exclusive ownCloud bundle for resellers and system vendors
As part of a temporary sales campaign, resellers and system vendors will now receive a UCS/ownCloud solution bundle at a reduced subscription price until December 31, 2018. The offer is available online via the Univention App Center and addresses small and medium-sized companies in particular. The entry-level price starts at 1.254,- Euro for 10 ownCloud users and can be scaled up to a maximum installation size of 250 ownCloud users. The UCS subscription is already included in this price. The use of UCS as domain controller with more than 10 clients is also possible through the extension with further UCS domain services.

With the connection of UCS and ownCloud you get a secure corporate server that is easy to set up, manage and customize, according to Jörg Eberwein, Head Partners & Alliances at ownCloud.

Advantages for system vendors and service providers
Resellers and service providers also benefit from the App Center. They can provide their customers with the applications they need flexibly and invoice licenses transparently and easily. Time-consuming contract negotiations with individual software manufacturers are no longer necessary. Resellers can register here.

Bechtle, one of the IT service providers in Europe, sees clear advantages. “The UCS App Center enables us to build complete IT environments for our customers and now license them very easily,” said Marcel Wannek, Account Manager at Bechtle. “This reduces the coordination effort a lot, because it is no longer necessary to agree individual contracts with every app manufacturer. In addition, the App Center not only introduces us to new and interesting solutions, but also provides us with a quick overview of the associated licensing and support models.”

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