NS1 has expanded its suite of integrations to include Kubernetes, Consul, Avi Networks (VMWare NSX), NGINX, and HAProxy. According to the company, these new integrations help customers connect industry-leading technologies to improve automation, velocity, and scale for modern enterprise application development and delivery.

By integrating with development tools and container ecosystems, NS1 automates the creation of DNS records for new resources, lifting registry data into shared DNS namespace.

In addition to existing integrations with popular development tools, including Ansible, Terraform, and Apache Mesos, new integrations include:

Kubernetes – NS1 integrates with the Kubernetes External DNS incubator project, which monitors the ingress/services for updates coming from the web application service and then sends the information as a DNS record to the NS1 platform.

Consul – With the Consul integration, NS1’s management portal becomes a single pane of glass for Consul services, allowing for automated record generation and the use of NS1’s Filter Chain technology to load balance across Consul instances.

NS1 said it integrates with customers’ load balancing footprint to drive global steering decisions based on high-frequency local data. In near real time, rich metrics—such as system load, connection counts, or client response times—are pushed to the edge of NS1’s Managed DNS platforms, where they are paired with real user monitoring (RUM) and other metrics to ensure the most intelligent traffic routing decisions for each and every query.

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