Nubeva Technologies recently launched its new cloud-native packet processor called the Nubeva Prisms Services Processor. The solution comes equipped with elastic packet processing (EPP) functionality – a high-performance container delivery service that autoscales to filter and multiplex cloud packet traffic between sources and destinations.

Cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud all intend to deliver infrastructure packet mirroring and TAP functionality. However, challenges remain such as packet replication as well as infrastructure packet mirroring. Moreover, security and performance monitoring solutions only capture packets for deep inspection when a problem arises and the issue can be difficult to track.

The Nubeva solution is claimed to be container based and provides the only cloud-native foundation for advanced packet stream processing. Launching and configuring lab systems or high-availability, autoscaling production systems can be done in seconds using the fully automated solution.

The company has announced the availability of the Prisms Service Processor with Elastic Packet Processing for private preview now.

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