Industry-First Cloud Packet Processor Delivers Low-Cost, High-Speed Network Performance; Enables Cloud Network Optimization, Security and Forensics

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 17, 2019 – Nubeva Technologies Ltd. (TSX-V: NBVA, OTC: NBVAF), a cloud visibility SaaS software developer for enterprises with public cloud assets, today announced the IT industry’s first cloud-native packet processor called the Nubeva Prisms Services Processor. The solution features elastic packet processing (EPP) functionality – a high-performance container delivery service that autoscales to filter and multiplex cloud packet traffic between sources and destinations.

“Deploying security tools to monitor workloads in the cloud is extremely difficult,” said Randy Chou, Nubeva’s CEO. “This lack of sufficient security monitoring and alerting in the cloud is a barrier to cloud adoption and cloud maturity. At Nubeva, our mission is to solve this problem with the new Prisms Service Processor, which helps enterprise IT teams filter and distribute traffic between cloud sources and destinations.”

Cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud all intend to deliver infrastructure packet mirroring and TAP functionality. But challenges remain, including:

  • Packet replication, which taxes the source workload NIC, drives up costs and reduces performance.
  • Infrastructure packet mirroring like Azure VTAPs don’t accommodate advanced packet filtering and are complicated CLI utilities.
  • Security and performance monitoring solutions only capture packets for deep inspection when a problem arises and the issue can be difficult to track.

How Elastic Packet Processing Works in the Cloud

Nubeva Prisms Service Processor with EPP functionality performs advanced processing on packet streams from cloud infrastructure like VTAPs and mirrors or Nubeva Prisms agents. Advanced packet processing includes PCAP forwarding, advanced packet filtering, multiplexing and replication. Sources can be any workload in the cloud with an agent or agentless solution, like a cloud infrastructure TAP or mirror.

Resting inside the Prisms Service Processor engine, EPPs autoscale to handle the heavy lifting of advanced filtering and replication of traffic between sources and destinations. With EPPs in place, users minimize the bandwidth allocated to mirroring at sources, optimizing the balance between workload and mirrored traffic while offloading packet pre-processing from source workloads and handling advanced processing through its modular packet processing engines.

The Nubeva solution is container based and provides the only cloud-native foundation for advanced packet stream processing. Launching and configuring lab systems or high-availability, autoscaling production systems can be done in seconds using the fully automated solution.

Nubeva Prisms Service Processor with Elastic Packet Processing is available for private preview now. To request access to the PSP private preview, visit https://info.nubeva.com/epp.

About Nubeva Technologies Ltd. 

Nubeva Technologies Ltd. develops Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) software and services that enable enterprises to run best-of-breed visibility in public cloud environments. Nubeva Prisms provides enhanced visibility and control over network traffic and simplified automation and operation that is essential to run top-tier security technologies and services in the cloud easily and at low cost. With Nubeva, organizations can leverage existing policies, technologies and operations and accelerate their move to the cloud with confidence. Visit nubeva.comfor more information.

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