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NVIDIA EGX A100 Is Powered By Ampere Architecture


NVIDIA has added two new products to its EGX Edge AI platform — the EGX A100 for larger commercial off-the-shelf servers and the tiny EGX Jetson Xavier NX for micro-edge servers — delivering secure AI processing at the edge.

“The fusion of IoT and AI has launched the ‘smart everything’ revolution,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “Large industries can now offer intelligent connected products and services like the phone industry has with the smartphone. NVIDIA’s EGX Edge AI platform transforms a standard server into a mini, cloud-native, secure, AI data center. With our AI application frameworks, companies can build AI services ranging from smart retail to robotic factories to automated call centers.”

The EGX A100 is the first edge AI product based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture. It combines the computing performance of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture with the accelerated networking and critical security capabilities of the NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNIC to transform standard and purpose-built edge servers into secure, cloud-native AI supercomputers.

With an NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx network card onboard, the EGX A100 can receive up to 200 Gbps of data and send it directly to the GPU memory for AI or 5G signal processing. With the introduction of NVIDIA Mellanox’s time-triggered transport technology for telco (5T for 5G), EGX A100 is a cloud-native, software-defined accelerator that can handle the most latency-sensitive use cases for 5G.

This provides the ultimate AI and 5G platform for making intelligent real-time decisions at the points of action — stores, hospitals and factory floors, the company explained.

The EGX Jetson Xavier NX is claimed to be the world’s smallest, most powerful AI supercomputer for microservers and edge AIoT boxes, with more than 20 solutions now available from ecosystem partners. It packs the power of an NVIDIA Xavier SoC into a credit card-size module. EGX Jetson Xavier NX, running the EGX cloud-native software stack, can quickly process streaming data from multiple high-resolution sensors.

The energy-efficient module delivers up to 21 TOPS at 15W, or 14 TOPS at 10W. As a result, EGX Jetson Xavier NX opens the door for embedded edge-computing devices that demand increased performance to support AI workloads but are constrained by size, weight, power budget or cost.

Ready-to-deploy micro-edge servers based on the EGX Jetson Xavier NX are available now for companies looking to create high-volume production edge systems. NVIDIA plans to make available the EGX A100 at the end of the year.