Let’s face it, creative people including YouTube celebrities like MKBD or photographers like Peter McKinnon swear by Apple Macs. Even I switched from Linux to Windows 10 and then to the MacBook Pro. The reason was simple – great hardware-software integration leads to great performance. I was 20% more productive on my Mac compared to Windows machines.

Also, Apple continues to roll off new and more powerful Mac machines at a regular interval. I have already upgraded my MacBook 4 times in the last 2 years to keep up with the more powerful machines.

Apple has many advantages over PC players like Nvidia, Microsoft, and Adobe. Apple controls the entire stack – from hardware to the operating system and applications like FCPX and Logic Pro X. Apple started out with catering to multi-media professionals and till this date, it does take great care of these professionals (just don’t get me started with Mac Pro).

But Nvidia wants to change and challenge that. At Computex, Nvidia announced a family of laptops called, RTX Studio Laptops, targeted at multi-media professionals.

Nvidia is working with hardware partners like Acer, ASUS, Dell, GIGABYTE, HP, MSI, and Razer to bring optimized systems to the market. Nvidia itself won’t be making and selling these devices.

What Nvidia is doing is offering tightly integrated stack hardware and software to optimize the performance of RTX Studio Laptops. These laptops will be powered by the new RTX GPUs, ranging from the GeForce RTX 2060 up to the newly announced Quadro RTX 5000. Any laptop that meets the minimum system requirements will get the Studio branding.

These are the first generation of Studio Laptops:

“Creatives who use Adobe Creative Cloud want the most powerful hardware for their content creation, and we know they will be excited about the new RTX Studio laptops and Studio Drivers from NVIDIA,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe video.

One of the reasons I ditched Adobe Premiere and Windows 10 is performance. Apple has an edge over Windows systems as their hardware is fully optimized for apps like Final Cut ProX and LogicProX. No wonder MKBD can edit and render 3 projects while Sara Dietschy is still trying to finish her first project.

Will Nvidia manage to change that reality? I will probably be getting the maxed out Studio Laptop and pit it against the latest MacBook Pro. When I go to events like KubeCon, we record over 30 interviews. We shoot with 3 cameras and record everything in S-Log and V-log.

We need a lot of processing power, at the same time we have to publish all those 30 interviews as soon as we can. Time is the essence. Even 2 minutes saved per project translates into one less hour. So far Adobe Premiere and Windows 10 machines have failed me. June will tell if Nvidia can bring me back to Adobe and Windows 10.

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