NVIDIA has launched Base Command Platform, a hosted AI development hub that provides enterprises with instant access to powerful computing infrastructure wherever their data resides.

Base Command Platform features a cloud-based user interface, a command line API, integrated monitoring and reporting dashboards to accelerate the AI development lifecycle. It integrates with a broad range of AI and data science tools, including the NVIDIA NGC catalog of AI and analytics software.

First announced with early access in May, Base Command Platform is remotely hosted by digital infrastructure company Equinix, and is the first NVIDIA-powered hybrid cloud offering available through the NVIDIA AI LaunchPad partner program.

According to the company, it is well-suited for enterprises with large-scale, multiuser and multi-team AI workflows that want to quickly move AI projects from prototypes to production without the costs and complexity introduced by data gravity.

Among Base Command Platform’s early access customers is Adobe, which is exploring how the solution can enable its researchers and data scientists to work simultaneously on shared accelerated computing resources to speed up the development of new AI-powered software features and applications.

Base Command Platform is now available for rent in monthly increments to North American customers who are ready to advance their AI capabilities with the performance of NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD supercomputers provided through optimized AI workflow software. Monthly subscription pricing starts at $90,000, with a three-month minimum.

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