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Observe’s Hubble Comes With Multiple Generative AI Integrations


Observe, the SaaS observability company reinventing the way machine-generated data is stored, managed and analyzed, has announced Hubble. Hubble improves user productivity with a completely revamped Explorer interface, which includes numerous generative AI features, facilitating product help, coding, RegEx generation, incident workflow and more. Also announced today is $50 million in Series A3 financing led by Sutter Hill Ventures, bringing total funding raised to date to $164.5 million.

Hubble allows users to discover things they could never see before at a scale previously thought impossible. New Explorer interfaces to logs & metrics simplify the onboarding experience for new users and now feature a ‘Live’ mode enabling data to be queried in 20 seconds or less from the time it was created.

Embedded within the new explorers are generative AI features which improve productivity by 20-50% depending on the experience of the user. New AI features in the product now include:

  • O11y GPT Help: An in-product chatbot assistant that responds to natural language inquiries from the user about Observe capabilities, ‘how-to’ tasks or error messages.
  • O11y GPT Extract: A RegEx generation tool that parses data to add structure to logs on-the-fly. With O11y Extract, users never have to write a RegEx again.
  • O11y GPT Slack Assistant: O11y GPT as an assistant embedded into Slack helping users troubleshoot issues and summarize threads for incident response.
  • OPAL Co-Pilot: An assistant that generates OPAL code – Observe’s query language – in response to natural language inputs e.g. // extract ip_address from log.

Almost all users currently analyze their observability data within Observe. Hubble expands the range data access options, including a supported Public API; a Command Line Interface (CLI); export to CSV; and data sharing to Snowflake so users can do further analysis using their Business Intelligence tool of choice.

Observe enables users to be up and running in minutes via Observe Apps – pre-built packages of content containing Observe’s opinion on how to observe specific environments. With Hubble, users now have access to new apps for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB Atlas, Prometheus, OpenAI, Threat Intelligence, Security Onion and Orca Security.

Finally, Observe is making available a self-service trial. Users who sign up will get access to a full-featured version of Observe with the ability to load their own data.