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Octopai Now Supports Snowflake With Its BI Intelligence Platform


Automated data lineage and data discovery company Octopai has announced its support and analysis of the cloud-based database Snowflake. This follows a recent announcement of its support of Microsoft Azure Data Factory.

Octopai said it saves time and resources during the process of migration from on-prem/legacy systems to Snowflake. Prior to migration, Octopai can also provide mapping of objects which are no longer necessary, reducing the time and cost of migration.

Octopai’s BI Intelligence Platform provides cost savings to enterprises using Snowflake (which uses a “pay-per-second” pricing model), from the migration phase through to the day-to-day use.

By getting the full picture of what and how different tables, columns etc. are being used, Octopai reduces the number of exploration queries over the Snowflake platform directly reducing the Snowflake expense.

“Octopai’s new support of Snowflake will be especially relevant for companies migrating to Snowflake from a legacy system since this process is expected to take up to two years to complete,” says Amnon Drori, CEO of Octopai.