Octopus Deploy, the universal deployment automation company, has announced two product enhancements to help enterprise teams improve DevOps outcomes – a ServiceNow Change Management integration and early access to its DevOps Insights for DORA metrics. The new capabilities help enterprise DevOps teams deploy software more effectively by eliminating error-prone manual processes associated with software change management and providing insights into DevOps performance based on the four DORA metrics.

The ServiceNow Change Management integration helps customers meet audit and compliance requirements and improve DevOps team productivity, while DevOps Insights provides built-in reporting based on the four key DORA metrics.

With the ServiceNow integration, Octopus Deploy users can automatically create pre-populated, normal change requests with out-of-the-box traceability to ensure CI/CD and release management processes comply with company policies and regulations. A win-win for DevOps teams and auditors alike.

Octopus DevOps Insights provides visibility into DevOps performance by surfacing insights based on the four key DORA metrics, so enterprise teams can gauge results and make informed decisions on where to improve. The recent release provides DevOps Insights at two levels. All customers can access reports at a project level to uncover rich insights based on deployment history.

For enterprise customers, there are additional aggregated insights that offer the following benefits: Aggregate data across your space so you can compare metrics across projects to identify what’s working and what isn’t; Inform better decision making: identify problems, track improvements, and celebrate successes; and Quantify DevOps performance based on data.

These features are just some of the improvements in the Octopus Deploy Q3 2022 release, including additional support for Configuration as Code variables for version-controlled projects, and a Jira Service Management integration in early access.

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