Advancing from the AR headset, Ocutrx Vision Technologies has launched the new OR-Bot Surgery Visualization Theatre, providing the most modern options for surgery visualization and to remove “pain” for surgeons to improve surgeries.

“With our new cobotic OR-Bot,” said Michael H. Freeman, CEO/CTO of Ocutrx, “we’ll be able to offer surgeons several comfortable, lightweight and ergonomically sound solutions to better perform these delicate ophthalmic procedures with faster-surgery set-up and turn around.”

The OR-Bot’s all-digital system offers three visualization options depending on the surgeon’s preference: the first is the all-new ORLenz augmented reality surgery headset featuring:

  • a surgery view with augmented virtual patient and operating tool information;
  • the choice of using an autostereoscopic “3D glasses-free” 3D 8K display monitor positioned directly in front of the surgeon; or
  • viewing the surgery through a microscope-like VR viewing station positioned on one of the OR-Bot’s robotic arms.

Each of these surgery visualization choices provide a full 4K resolution to the surgeon’s eyes. Additionally, called “cobotic” by Ocutrx, the OR-Bot’s arms are both human and robotic controlled so doctors will be able to move the device’s gravity compensated 6-axis arms with only a slight touch while using voice commands or foot pedal to engage and position the VR microscope or cameras on the arms.

The OR-Bot’s Lenticular Autostereoscopic 8K 3D “glasses-free” monitor allows surgeons, nurses, techs, and students to view surgery in the operating room along with the surgeon.

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