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Ondat Joins Hands With SUSE To Offer Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Management And Storage Solution Stack


For data-driven organizations, running stateful applications on commercial clouds could be expensive. Ondat and SUSE have joined hands to deliver an ideal solution stack for organizations running cloud-native workloads with persistent storage. The Ondat and SUSE Rancher solution stack is cloud-agnostic, resilient, secure and can offer significant cost savings for a variety of use cases, such as self-managed, database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

The Ondat and SUSE solution features SUSE Rancher—an enterprise-grade, multi-cluster Kubernetes management solution with end-to-end security—and Ondat—a highly available, performant and scalable persistent storage, empowering enterprises to deploy and manage workloads with any CNCF-certified Kubernetes, on-premises and on any cloud platform.

Data-driven organizations can now create a self-managed solution that is more cost-efficient, performant, secure and reliable than any of the current cloud DBaaS offerings.

The combination of SUSE Rancher and Ondat helps simplify the implementation and management of fault-tolerant, cloud-native Kubernetes landscapes that can span multiple failure domains with intelligent data replication, automatic failover and self-healing. It also provides security and data protection features designed for cloud-native, Kubernetes landscapes, such as enhanced observability, robust policy and governance controls, full lifecycle container security and data encryption.