The Open 3D Engine (O3DE) has announced version 22.10 with a host of new features and usability enhancements designed to make the tool easier for teams to implement and manage in their creative workflows. The latest version includes quality-of-life improvements—performance, workflows, usability—as well as several notable new capabilities and Terrain system features, which are now available in preview.

With O3DE version 22.10, it’s now simpler to onboard and collaborate with other team members using remote projects, project templates, networked asset cache and a gem creation wizard. Remote projects allow teams to share and download projects by sharing just a URL. Project templates make it easier to create multiple, similar projects with the ability to use or create a starting setup.

Also, it’s now easier to set up multiplayer applications with features like client-server connection, debugging and network spawning.

Bringing animations into O3DE is easier. Root motion extraction is now supported natively in O3DE, and a host of enhancements have been made to the animation import process, including improvements to the asset browser and hot reloading of assets.

The latest version also makes it easier and smoother to work with entities and prefabs in the world using new features that improve viewport interaction, specifically viewport entity selection and prefab edit mode.

The Terrain system has moved from an experimental state into preview. It allows developers using O3DE in smaller or more enclosed environments to work on larger-scale worlds with a significant improvement in performance, both for editing and runtime/rendering.

Other new features include built-in additions to more easily generate sky atmosphere and stars.

The new release arrives as the O3DE community gathers at O3DCon at the Fairmont in Austin, Texas, October 17-19. The event is also taking place virtually.

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