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Open 3D Foundation Announces 23.05 Open 3D Engine Release


The Open 3D Foundation (O3DF), home of a diverse community focused on building an open source engine for real-time 3D development, has released 23.05 version of the Open 3D Engine (O3DE). The latest version brings enhanced usability and stability improvements, as well as new capabilities, for developing games, robotic simulations and other 3D applications alike.

With more than 5,915 code commits and 3,114,400 lines changed, this new release represents deep open source contributions and offers several improvements aiming to make it easier for developers, artists and content creators to build 3D simulations for AAA games, robotics simulations and various other 3D applications across AI, metaverse, digital twin, automotive, healthcare, and more.

In addition to several enhancements to the core engine, the O3DE 23.05 release introduces significant support to level up the authoring experience for game creators and robotics simulation developers.

With this latest release, the core engine becomes even easier for 3D developers to wield across an array of applications. Material Canvas, a new, intuitive visual scripting interface, combines the powerful, familiar capabilities of Script Canvas and the Material Editor, allowing users to create generative materials and custom shaders. The Material Pipeline enables easier customization to balance the performance and quality of the render pipeline, while the Asset Browser provides users with multiple layout options, file operations, and an asset inspector panel with other operations to manage assets.

Open 3D Engine releases occur on a bi-annual cadence, in the spring and the fall. The next release is scheduled for October 2023.