Open Raven has launched the Open Raven Cloud-Native Data Protection Platform to operationalize data security and privacy in the cloud.

The Open Raven Platform automates asset discovery and data classification, provides real-time mapping and policy-driven protection for Amazon Web Services and S3.

The platform auto-discovers where data is located in the cloud, what type of data it is — personal, sensitive, or regulated, — as well as who has access to it and where it can flow for full visibility, control, and protection.

With the Open Raven Cloud-Native Data Protection Platform, security and cloud teams can now discover all data and resources in a public cloud environment, including both native and non-native repositories.

Real-time mapping highlights problem areas at a glance while search allows for pinpointing specific data and resources.

Further, Open Raven uses a variety of techniques from pattern matching to machine learning to describe data while providing live verification via APIs to further boost accuracy.

The platform also helps monitor using default or custom policies based on Open Policy Agent that combine both cloud asset and data context in rules that enable continuous or point in time monitoring for a full range of security, privacy and compliance use cases.

The Open Raven Platform is now generally available.

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