Broadband connectivity is the backbone of any modern society, whether it be families in NY’s skyscrapers, villages in India or sovereign national of tribal people in the US. However, the tribal communities in the US don’t have the kind of internet access that we would desire. MuralNet is a non-profit organization that’s using Open Source and 5G technologies to democratize broadband access and bring it to remote and tough to reach places. MuralNet is now leveraging FreedomFi’s open source 5G platform to bring connectivity to these communities.

We sat down with Mariel Triggs, CEO of MuralNet and Boris Renski, Founder of FreedomFi, to learn about the challenges that are there for these communities – Why they don’t get access to broadband internet and how FreedomFi is enabling them to do so? It’s a very insightful discussion and also a use-case of 5G for many similar communities where the model can be replicated across the globe.

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