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Open Source Is Accelerating Digital Transformation In Energy Sector


We are witnessing the proliferation of distributed energy resources at the edge of the system with a huge growth of distributed renewable photovoltaics, electric vehicles and battery storage. This development has created a new set of complexities that lie in connecting the back-end, grid control home environment and market system with the front end, distributed energy resource and end consumers. The industry needs to rethink the connectivity and control layers to ensure that it can orchestrate and enable real-time connectivity from the grid operator down to the end user of the system. Open Source technologies and digitization are playing a critical role in this transformation. In this exclusive interview for LF Energy Spring Summit, Laurent Schmitt, Founder & CEO of Digital4Grids, talks about how the energy sector leverages open source technologies. “Open Source is an enabler and accelerator of these digital transformations,” said Schmitt.

[su_note note_color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”]Laurent Schmitt created Digital4Grids early January 2021. He has been working for the last 25 years through the Automation, IT and Digitisation of the Power Industry. Before joining Ossiaco, he has been the Secretary-General of ENTSO-E for the past 4 years and Global Smart Grid Strategy Leader at General Electric Grid Solutions. Laurent is a member of strategic committees in CIGRE, IEC, EPRI and Vice Chairman of the ETIPSNET platform (representing TSOs). He has several times been named among the most influential people of the European Smart Grid industry.[/su_note]