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Open Source Security Foundation Adds 10 New Members


OpenSSF, a cross-industry collaboration to secure the open source ecosystem, has announced new membership commitments to advance open source security education and best practices. New members include Accurics, Anchore, Bloomberg Finance, Cisco Systems, Codethink, Cybertrust Japan, OpenUK, ShiftLeft, Sonatype and Tidelift.

The new Scorecard 2.0 is also available now and includes new security checks, scaled up the number of projects being scored, and made this data easily accessible for analysis. The Scorecard is gaining adoption for automating analysis and trust decisions on the security posture of open source projects.

OpenSSF has more than 45 members and associate members contributing to working groups, technical initiatives and governing board and helping to advance open source security best practices.

“The massive support we’re seeing for the OpenSSF and its initiatives is a reflection of the industry-wide commitment to secure open source software,” said Kay Williams, Governing Board Chair, OpenSSF, and Supply Chain Security Lead, Azure Office of the CTO, Microsoft. “We welcome the latest OpenSSF new members and look forward to their contributions.”