Loft Labs has announced that the popular open source vcluster software is now available to spin up virtual clusters with k0s, the lightweight, certified Kubernetes distribution backed by Mirantis that works on any infrastructure: bare-metal, on-premise, edge, IoT, public and private clouds. K0s is based on the upstream Kubernetes.

Following the announcement earlier this month that vcluster is now able to run upstream Kubernetes, vcluster now expands support for k0s in response to requests from the user community. Already available on K3s, vcluster now offers more options that give users choice to meet their requirements.

First launched in April 2021, vcluster is used to create lightweight Kubernetes clusters that run inside the namespaces of underlying Kubernetes clusters. Using virtual clusters solves the majority of multi-tenancy issues of Kubernetes because they offer: Better isolation than simple namespace-based multi-tenancy; reduced cloud computing cost because virtual clusters are much more lightweight and resource-efficient than spinning up separate single-tenant clusters.

vcluster is freely available on GitHub and on www.vcluster.com.

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