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OpenELA Announces Public Release Of Enterprise Linux Source Code


OpenELA has announced the public release of the Enterprise Linux source code along with important technical and governance milestones. The founding sponsors of OpenELA are initializing a basis for the community, and the most important effort has been the creation of the code base.

OpenELA announced that the source code for all packages necessary for anyone to build a derivative Enterprise Linux operating system is now available. The initial focus is on EL8 and EL9, and packages for EL7 are forthcoming. The project is committed to ensuring the continued availability of EL sources to the community indefinitely.

Incorporation is Complete: OpenELA was incorporated as a Delaware nonprofit nonstock corporation exclusively for the purpose of operating under 501(c)(6) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. The corporation will provide a forum for stakeholders interested in supporting the goals and interests of developing open source enterprise Linux distributions.

OpenELA is in the process of applying to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for 501(c)(6) tax-exempt status. The founding companies view the legal entity as a foundational tool to make a positive impact on the open source effort, in aligning the values of the effort and ensuring proper engagement with the open source community.

Technical Steering Committee is Formed: OpenELA has also completed the formation of its Technical Steering Committee (TSC). The TSC plays a crucial role in the governance and decision-making process of OpenELA, overseeing the technical aspects of the project and guiding its development and ongoing maintenance. The TSC initially consists of highly experienced individuals from the founding companies who will administrate access to the top-level OpenELA git organizations. TSC membership is expected to evolve over time.

Click here to access repositories. Documentation and additional useful information can be found at