OpenSSF has announced free training on how to develop secure software, a new OpenSSF professional certificate program and additional program and technical initiatives.

OpenSSF has also elected Kay Williams from Microsoft as Governing Board Chair. The election for the Security Community Individual Representative to the Governing Board is currently underway and results will be announced by OpenSSF in November.

Ryan Haning from Microsoft has been elected Chair of the Technical Advisory Council (TAC).

OpenSSF has developed a set of three free courses on how to develop secure software on the non-profit edX learning platform. These courses are aimed at software developers and others interested in learning how to develop secure software.

The OpenSSF training program includes a Professional Certificate program called Secure Software Development Fundamentals. Public enrollment for the courses and certificate is open now. Course content and the Professional Certificate program tests will become available on November 5.

OpenSSF has also announced 16 new contributors to the Foundation. These include Arduino; AuriStor; Canonical; Debricked; Facebook; Huawei Technologies; iExec Blockchain Tech; Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH); Open Source Technology Improvement Fund; Polyverse Corporation; Renesas; Samsung; Spectral; SUSE; Tencent; Uber; and WhiteSource.

Further, the OpenSSF is bringing together existing projects from the CII, including the CII Census and CII FOSS Contributor Survey. Both will become part of the OpenSSF Securing Critical Projects working group.

The CII Best Practices badge project is also being transitioned into the OpenSSF.

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