Opsani has launched an automated continuous optimization service called Optune to improve both performance and cost for cloud applications.

Optune uses AI to automatically adjust resources and parameters across the full application stack to maximize efficiency, according to the company.

“Using machine learning, Optune automatically selects the optimal combinations of infrastructure parameters in real time for every given workload, to quickly optimize for performance and efficiency. People set the business goals, while the AI performs the task,” said Peter Nickolov, CTO, Opsani.

Optune is said to provide enterprises with visibility and control in balancing user experience, cost and performance to match their current business needs.

The service is fast to implement and get results, often within a few days. Optune integrates easily with CI/CD toolchains to automatically deliver results, the company added.

Optune adapts as companies release new code, when middleware updates are implemented and even when cloud vendors offer new instance types.

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