Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Cloud Guard and Oracle Maximum Security Zones. With Oracle Maximum Security Zones, Oracle is claimed to be the first public cloud provider to activate security policy enforcement of best practices automatically from day one.

Now available in all Oracle Cloud commercial regions, Oracle Cloud Guard acts as a log and events aggregator that directly integrates with all major Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services – Compute, Networking, Storage – and automatically implements unique components called targets, detectors, and responders.

Oracle Maximum Security Zones extends IaaS access management to restrict insecure actions or configurations using a new policy definition that applies to designated cloud compartments.

This new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service is claimed to help ensure resources are secure from inception by enforcing rigorous security best practices for highly sensitive workloads. Oracle Maximum Security Zones includes policies for several core Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services, including Object Storage, Networking, Encryption, DBaaS, and File Storage.

According to the company, these new services work in tandem to further Oracle’s second-generation public cloud, which is built with security as a critical foundation.

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