Majority of IT decision makers today define digital transformation as “perpetual shifts and constant adaption of new technology” rather than a one-time change. This is according to the findings from the Cloud Foundry Foundation’s most recent Global Perception Study.

The report titled “Adaptation, Not Adoption, is the Key to Digital Transformation: Why IT Strategy Requires a Perpetual State of Change” says that digital transformation is now firmly entrenched in the discourse around modern companies.

With more than half of companies surveyed putting mission-critical apps in the cloud, it’s clear that digital transformation is the new reality, and that companies must adapt to constant change to keep up.

Additionally, the integration of cloud technologies such as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), containers and serverless continues to grow at scale. Multi-platform strategy continues to flourish.

The Foundation announced the report at its recently held North American Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadelphia.

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