OVHcloud has announced the availability of two new ranges of powerful bare metal servers. Designed in partnership with leading hardware manufacturers, OVHcloud Scale and High-Grade servers offer a cost-effective hosting solution with the ability to quickly automate and scale resource allocation to meet the demands of complex and resource-intensive tasks.

OVHcloud Bare Metal servers provide fully dedicated performance in a secure, single tenant environments, with direct access to physical resources. Because resources are not being shared, no hypervisor layer is needed, allowing more of the server’s processing power to be allocated to the application.

According to the company, OVHcloud Scale and High-Grade Bare Metal servers are an excellent choice for businesses that need to accelerate their journey to the cloud without refactoring and without reengineering their entire infrastructure.

These servers are accessible in as little as 120 seconds for standard configurations, and come equipped with: powerful AMD Epyc and Intel Xeon Gold CPU’s with up to 64 cores and 128 threads.

They also include storage capacities with up to 24 3.84TB NVMe drives that are fast and run at many times the speed of traditional SSDs to store and retrieve data quickly.

These servers feature up to 2TBs of RAM for accessing and transferring large amounts of data without degradation of performance.

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