OVHcloud has launched VMware Cloud Foundation on OVHcloud, a hyperconverged, software-defined data center (SDDC) infrastructure solution.

The solution integrates the latest VMware SDDC offerings – VMware vSphere, vSAN, and NSX – that virtualize compute, storage, and networking with a modern OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud architecture.

From the combined power of VMware software and fully-dedicated OVHcloud hardware, enterprise customers will gain unique control to support hundreds to thousands of virtual machines.

According to the company, VMware Cloud Foundation on OVHcloud was developed for customers looking for the latest in storage performance and the efficiency of hyperconverged cloud architecture. Thus, OVHcloud created a bundled offering that is optimized for vSAN and includes a minimum of four fully-loaded servers, each with: two Intel Xeon Gold premium CPUs, 768 GB of high-capacity RAM, and 25TB of storage with the newest and fastest NVMe hard drives.

Bundles can be expanded by adding additional servers. In addition, OVHcloud couples the hardware with powerful networking services such as: VLAN management for up to 4,000 VLANs, a 15TBPS capacity backbone, free anti-DDoS protection, and noingress or egress charges – all for a competitive price.

Russell P. Reeder, CEO of OVH US, said, “This announcement is another example of our strong, ongoing partnership with VMware, as well as the growth and momentum OVHcloud is seeing in the U.S.”

With this new offer, OVHcloud also includes VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension to abstract on-premises and cloud resources as one continuous hybrid cloud.

The company continues to grow its U.S. data center footprint and expand its customer base.

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