Palo Alto Networks has joined hands with AWS to launch the new Palo Alto Networks Cloud NGFW for AWS. According to the company, the managed Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) service is designed to simplify securing AWS deployments — enabling organizations to speed their pace of innovation while remaining highly secure.

Cloud NGFW for AWS, exclusively available on AWS, brings Palo Alto Networks security to organizations’ cloud deployments in just a few clicks. Recognizing that customers want to dedicate their time and resources to building applications and running their business instead of managing cloud network security infrastructure, Cloud NGFW for AWS shifts the operational responsibility, including deployment, maintenance, availability and scale, to Palo Alto Networks.

Cloud NGFW can be procured in AWS Marketplace, and then quickly set up and integrated with AWS services, enabling further network security in minutes with just a few clicks. Because Cloud NGFW is a managed cloud service, organizations don’t need to worry about deploying, updating or managing any of the infrastructure. Cloud NGFW for AWS leverages the power of AWS Gateway Load Balancer, providing high availability, elastic scaling on demand to meet unpredictable throughput needs.

Integrated with AWS Firewall Manager, Cloud NGFW for AWS allows even simpler and more consistent firewall policy management across multiple AWS accounts and virtual private clouds (VPCs). Also, support for API, CloudFormation and Terraform templates enables automation of end-to-end workflows.

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