The Department of Defense may be forced to discontinue with the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract if a federal judge does not dismiss political bias allegations in AWS’s protest.

According to an “information paper” sent to Congress on Thursday, DoD expects a significant ruling soon regarding AWS’s allegation of “improper influence at the highest levels of Government that, allegedly, unfairly affected the outcome of the JEDI Cloud competition.”

In October 2019, Microsoft won the Defense Department JEDI cloud contract worth up to $10 billion over a period of 10 years, beating out market leader Amazon.

In the paper, DoD says: “Regardless of the JEDI Cloud litigation outcome, the Department continues to have an urgent, unmet requirement. Specifically, the Department’s need for an enterprise-wide, commercial cloud services for all three classification levels, extending from the homefront to the tactical edge, at scale.”

The Department clarified that work on JEDI Cloud would “continue to be paused until the litigation process is complete, and DISA/CCPO remains ready to resume management of the JEDI Cloud work if/when the entire set of litigation is resolved in the Government’s favor.”

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