Pivotal Announces GA Of Pivotal Application Service On Kubernetes


At KubeCon 2019, Pivotal has announced the general availability of Pivotal Application Service (PAS) on Kubernetes. With PAS for Kubernetes, platform engineers will interact with PAS system components via the Kubernetes CLI and other tools as needed.

Pivotal said its initial developer experience in PAS for Kubernetes includes cf push focused on Linux buildpack-based and Docker-image-based apps, HTTP ingress routing, App lifecycle management, App instance status and telemetry, Environment-variable-based service bindings, and a container environment consistent with existing PAS installations.

As Kubernetes provides a rich, flexible toolkit of isolation controls for containerized workloads, Pivotal is working to make it the same easy and multi-tenant experience they have had for years in PAS.

PAS for Kubernetes retains API-level compatibility with important Cloud Foundry components as well as Kubernetes itself. With Kubernetes, the service is now fully containerized so it’s easier to install, simpler to manage, and more cost effective to operate, the company added.