PlainID, the provider of authorization and policy-based access control, has announced a strategic partnership with Dremio, the easy and open data lakehouse company. This partnership enables Dremio clients to leverage PlainID’s central access control platform to manage and control access to data via Dremio, allowing for advanced access controls as part of their overall data security strategy.

According to the company, the Dremio open data lakehouse delivers all of the data management, data governance, and analytic capabilities typically associated with the data warehouse directly on data lake storage. Dremio simplifies data architectures and enables self-service Business Intelligence and ad hoc SQL queries for a wide range of technical and non-technical data consumers. Rapid growth of cloud data lakes, as well as migration of data and analytic workloads to the cloud, has contributed to growing pressure on enterprise security. PlainID protects that data by externalizing authorization and centralizing its management through its PlainID Authorization Platform and PlainID Authorizers.

PlainID orchestrates policy-based access control for Dremio by enabling granular control and visibility of the data ecosystem with centralized policies that create, enforce, and manage, including workflow approvals for policy updates.

PlainID will be demonstrating its platform at the upcoming Data Governance and Information Quality event in Washington, D.C. December 5th-9th.

Dremio Cloud is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it is free to get started.

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