Kubernetes, Ship

Platform9 has announced a number of new features to provide operational efficiencies for its freedom, growth, and enterprise managed Kubernetes products.

Key advances include multi-version Kubernetes support, enhanced cluster deployment options, and upgraded manageability. Use cases span technology, retail, telco, media, and entertainment verticals.

Until now, running different versions of Kubernetes across the software lifecycle added cost, time, and complexity to the DevOps process. Platform9 now allows all DevOps teams complete freedom to run multiple versions of managed Kubernetes across staging, production, and development environments. Users can also decide which upgrades and patches to perform and time them at their convenience.

Platform9 users can now deploy a cluster with one-click across VMs, physical servers, AWS, and Azure. This simplifies cluster creation for both VM and physical environments. Additionally, the new Platform9 Terraform provider enables users to leverage automation to build clusters.

System availability is a 24×7 necessity for DevOps environments. This release improves system health insight including new dashboards for Kube Events statistics, file system usage, CPU, Memory, and Network usage, as well as API Server support.

Platform9 is transforming how users interact with clusters through the introduction of new APIs for declarative clusters and profile-based deployments. The combination of the new APIs and profiles ensures clusters remain consistent across environments and are built exactly to specification, saving operational time and effort.

The Platform9 Release 5.0 is now available for all freedom, growth, and enterprise users.

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