Matt lewis

This is a conversation with Matt Lewis, Research Director at the NCC group, about the risks of deep fake technologies.

Currently, deep fakes are a nuisance. There are ‘disturbing’ videos of political leaders of the world making outrageous statements. But the way this technology has been made accessible and democratized there are many serious risks that we can’t even fathom at the moment. We discuss those risks and possible mitigation strategies.

Here is a rough outline of what we discussed:
Q: A bit about what the NCC Group does?
Q: Deep fake like any technology can be abused or used for creative purposes like gaming and movies. However, there are some serious concerns. What are the real worries that you see?
Q: Has there ever been any technology in the past that posed the same kind of challenges the deep fake poses?
Q: Can you talk about the work you did with University College London?
Q: What are the mitigating strategies for deep fake – legislative actions or technological solutions?

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