Guest: Margaret Lee (LinkedIn)
Company: BMC Software (LinkedIn, Twitter)

BMC Software is an infrastructure software company providing SaaS-based service management, monitoring systems with automation, and mainframe to government agencies and more than 85% of Fortune 100 enterprises. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Margaret Lee, GM and SVP of Digital Services and Operations Management at BMC Software, shares her thoughts on what will happen in the industry this new year.

In 2023, Lee sees the following trends:

  • Accelerated adoption of containers
  • Practical AI, i.e., the push to use AI beyond just math and algorithms into practical use cases that deliver concrete business benefits
  • Accelerated convergence of service management and operations management.

Global and domestic uncertainty—economic downturn, war, COVID—will continue to challenge companies this year. This means they will closely examine what their investments in technology are doing for them:

  • With semi-remote work schedules being the new normal, does it allow our teams to collaborate better for remote employees to conduct more self-service?
  • Does it ensure the company’s existing underlying infrastructure of the development environment is solid?
  • Does it ensure system availability and increase performance?
  • Does it enable growth this year, not just for the foreseeable future?

For its part, BMC will continue to focus on the adoption, practice, and customer usage of their SaaS portfolio this year.

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