The Biden-Harris administration has released a $1.9 trillion plan to help the U.S. recover from the dark winter of the COVID-pandemic, including upgrading federal IT infrastructure and address the recent breaches of federal government data systems.

A $9 billion investment will help the U.S. launch major new IT and cybersecurity shared services at the Cyber Security and Information Security Agency (CISA) and the General Services Administration and complete modernization projects at federal agencies, according to a fact sheet detailing specifics of the plan.

In addition, the President-elect is calling on Congress to change the fund’s reimbursement structure in order to fund more innovative and impactful projects.

The plan includes providing the IT Oversight and reform fund with $200 million to allow for the rapid hiring of hundreds of experts to support the federal Chief Information Security Officer and U.S. Digital Service.

The fact sheet also mentions investing $300 million in no-year funding for Technology Transformation Services in the General Services Administration to drive secure IT projects forward without the need of reimbursement from agencies.

Moreover, an additional $690M for CISA will help bolster cybersecurity across federal civilian networks, and support the piloting of new shared security and cloud computing services.

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