Progress, the provider of application development and infrastructure software, has announced the release of Progress WhatsUp Gold 2023.0, its IT infrastructure monitoring software. Progress expands the powerful, built-in infrastructure discovery and monitoring power of WhatsUp Gold IT infrastructure monitoring system to provide wider access to network data across the organization, helping NetOps establish clearer, faster communications and reinforcing the value of IT.​

WhatsUp Gold 2023.0 features:

Advanced configuration management – The enhanced Configuration Management add-on offers improved performance, greater security and an expanded number of performed tasks. Organizations can add devices to their Configuration Management task in line with the technical limitations documented for the product.

Configurable NOC Views – A new NOC Viewer automatically cycles through multiple data screens to assist NOC staff with end-to-end visibility of current and potential issues.

Scheduled HTML email reports – These ensure that everyone in the organization, regardless of their technical expertise, can easily access up-to-date WhatsUp Gold data in a user-friendly format. Additionally, administrators can save data files directly to specific folders.

WhatsUp Gold monitors everything connected to the IT infrastructure and displays it in one interactive and intuitive mapping interface. Administrators can deploy WhatsUp Gold to help monitor, measure and resolve infrastructure issues as well as track application performance and network traffic. Sophisticated alerting and reporting capabilities simplify how organizations diagnose faults so they can resolve problems quickly. PC Pro recently added WhatsUp Gold to its “A-List” of products for advanced features and ease and affordability of licensing, awarding it five stars in its review.

“Now more than ever, the ability to gather, distill and access network data in a meaningful way in one single tool – and act fast on it – is critical,” said Sundar Subramanian, EVP and General Manager, Infrastructure Management, Progress. “Businesses can’t afford to experience IT downtime and need a trusted and tested product like WhatsUp Gold to stay assured that they have everything under control.”

The latest release of WhatsUp Gold is now available.

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