Prosimo has announced a new NetDevOps Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) Toolkit that enables enterprises to accelerate the deployment of cloud networking. According to the company, the Prosimo Full-Stack Cloud Transit with the new IaC Toolkit provides complete orchestration of cloud networking services required to connect, scale, and secure enterprise applications.

Enterprises gain full visibility across a multi-cloud infrastructure, which reduces the network delivery lifecycle and adds implicit zero-trust while delivering compelling autonomous networking capabilities.

The new features in the DevNetOps toolkit provide core capabilities that target cloud operations teams and orchestrate cloud service provider (CSP) networking functionality while automating per-application routing, security, performance, compliance, and cost management policies.

The single architecture simplifies and abstracts network and infrastructure management tasks, giving enterprises the ability to reduce setup, provisioning, and resolution times by more than 80% when compared to traditional networking approaches.

Prosimo abstracts the API layer to CSP capabilities and networking constructs: simply click and set up. It also automates and ties network, micro-segmentation, policy control, and zero-trust into a deployment CI/CD pipeline, aligned with application roll-outs. In addition, Prosimo provides repeatable pipelines to deploy and roll back services quickly.

Prosimo offers end-to-end enterprise infrastructure observability for applications and networks across multicloud environments.

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